first i like to share to you my base cake which i use in almost all cake i made.  You cake make alot of cake using this method.img_20170214_095918 this are the ingredients.8cups of all purpose flour,8 tsp of baking powder,1tsp of baking soda sifted 3 time. 8 egg,250grams of butter,2cups of sugar,2tbsp of vanilla. 1 liter frsh milk. But if u dont have milk use evaporated milk250 ml and 750ml water.Butter must be soft but not melted combine with egg and sugar.

Then put the flour altenate with the milk then add vanilla. Mixed it for about five minute at medium speed. Prepare your  pan. I suggest only 4 pan only on this coz i tried five pan result was not good. Always preheat your oven before you cook your cake at 180 degrees for 30 to 40 min.or if your not satisfied add another min of your your sure to check it .for making breads cakes and pastry i suggest that you have a heavy duty  mixer for this lkie this one.      or this one.   Kenwood Chef Classic KM331 4.6 Litre kitchen machine, 800 Watt, Silver   now if your base is ready prepare your avocado icream. This are the ingredients 1 liter whipping cream,1 cup icing sugar,4 to 6 avocado, 1 can condensed milk.img_20170214_120047

Blend the avocado with condensed milk set aside. Start to whip your whipping cream until softpick then add the avocado mixed.set aside prepare your base cut into half.freeze the cake 3 to four hour. Take it out 5 min before you serve to defrost your base and put crash cashews nuts on top and serve.enjoy….