the preparation of this is verry easy if you know the technique. Here some of my ideas to make more convenient for you.suckling pig 10kls or your choice of size/kls. Stalks of celery,lemongrass and fresh onion.chop celery and lemongrass.

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Prepare 1/4 grams of salt,1tsp of paprika,chili powder,pepper,garlic powder,pork cube powderized,oregano,basil mixed all and spread the whole body of the suckling pig inside and out. Before you put the celery and other ingredients inside slice meat inside but be carefull not to cut beyond the skin so that your spices can penitrate on the meat..

.using twine close the open part then set the oven 150degrees for 1hour after set again to 200degrees for 30 min lastly 250degrees for 5 min. Before u place it in the oven wipe with milk. Before u serve it wipe it with vegetable oi to make it shiny.the time depends on how big suckling pig.enjoy cooking.